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The Silo October 2008

Posted in Brents other attributes, Work in Progress on November 10, 2008 by brentrayfraser

For those who are curious what the Silo looks like, here is a polaroid photo taken early October of this year. The Silo is currently being renovated to be fully livable by the new year. Upstairs is the creative space shaped like an octagon. I paint on 6 of the eight walls at once to produce more art in a short amount of time. Downstairs will be the living space complete with murphy bed, home entertainment, bathroom and shower. Call me the Grain Tank Artist. Take care.



Brent Ray Fraser’s Currency

Posted in Uncategorized, Work in Progress on April 23, 2008 by brentrayfraser

Keep your eyes peeled around town for the newly revised Canadian Dollar. I use these custom made bills as a traveling art piece that also serves as advertising for my website and Blog. This new currency will hopefully someday replace the boring valuable paper we see everyday.

If you are lucky you might find a dollar bill with a different photo on the front. I will be also be dispersing a small amount of special monetary papers for those who like to tip.