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Louis Vuitton + Brent Ray Fraser = Shoe Portraitures

Posted in Special Artistic Events on October 30, 2008 by brentrayfraser

After being featured in Flare magazine’s June 2008 Issue for my shoe portaites I was scouted by Louis Vuitton to draw at their huge events across Canada. Positioned in the centre of the event and given a long waiting list of women who would be wearing LV heels I began to sketch. What an absolutely amazing opportunity to be provided with such beautiful shoes to draw. The art was created in under 5 minuntes so that every woman left with a smile on their face and self portraiture of them in their favorite Louis Vuitton shoe of choice. Have a look into the Shoe Factory on my website inside the Art Galleries section to see the completed portraitures.


Brent Ray Fraser @ Ed Hardy Launch

Posted in Art Exhibitions, Live Art Shows, Special Artistic Events on May 6, 2008 by brentrayfraser

On May  8th, 2008 I collaborated with a brilliant artist by the name of Zhi Alpha Cao. We were requested to create an Ed Hardy inspired artwork. So, we began right away. It didn’t take us very long to imagine a work that would not only be original, but would take the Ed Hardy style of art and transform it from a two dimensional work to a three dimensional masterpiece. The video attached displays the process of creation within the walls of my Silo Studio in Fort Langley. It later takes the viewer to The Bay in downtown Vancouver where the work would be completed in front of the customers at the Ed Hardy fragrance launch event. 

This collaborative work could not have been made possible if it weren’t for the help of Jennifer Daerendinger and her team of helpful and lovely makeup artists from the Blanche Macdonald Center, Erica Jones and of course Ed Hardy, the inspiration behind the work.

Brent Ray Fraser Live at Lord’s Shoes April 26-27, 2008

Posted in Art Exhibitions, Live Art Shows, Special Artistic Events on April 23, 2008 by brentrayfraser

I recently painted up a storm within the front display case at Lord’s Shoes on South Granville on Saturday April 26th and 27th. They granted me the opportunity to transform their front display case into an art studio for two days. Inside I began taking shoes from the store, drawing them and then painting them behind the glass walls. The artwork will on display for a few months and will all be for sale ($75 each). It’s a customer appreciation event so the work is inexpensive and very affordable. For those of you who haven’t seen my women shoe fetish paintings this will be a treat as there are 30 paintings in total.

I would like to thank Jacqueline Noland and her lovely staff of Lord’s Shoes for all their fantastic help and for the absolute kindness and generosity during my stay within their store. I would also like to thank Jennifer Daerendinger for all her help during my artistic endeavor as none of this would have transpired if it weren’t for her. You all rock big time.



Le Cent De La Twat, 2008

Posted in Art Exhibitions, Special Artistic Events on March 22, 2008 by brentrayfraser

Where do I even begin with this painting. It is not complete yet and has been on my mind ever since I began its creation in the summer of 2007. I originally came up with the idea (no pun intended) while reading adult magazines that summer. I wanted to create a painting that consisted of 100 vaginas. I also wanted them all to fit together creating one large vagina. Like an orgy of drawings. Hence the name: Le cent De La Twat…Or, one hundred of the vagina. I later took it upon myself to test my creative imagination by conditioning my hand eye coordination into memorizing the shape and contours of what could resemble a woman’s vagina on paper. So I went to the books. Began drawing….hundreds and hundreds of vaginas. Over and over again. More and more. This video shows my vaginal drawing training and also displays the final work while in the progress of creation at the Silo. I would also watch pornographic films while reading the magazines to over embellish the creative atmosphere with a sexual energy. This is a very hard thing to do (no pun intended), especially as a young fit man. But, this training would later help my creative juices (no pun intended) to establish the same energy on the paper I began to draw on and would also come in handy when creating further works of the same genre. Later, after fixing the (100) drawn vaginas to the (100) 12″x12″ wood panels that would create the large vagina, I used the artwork as a dance floor where I would practice stripper moves in preparation for the Live Art Show that would later follow on March 5th, 2008 entitled The Massacre. twat.jpg

Max Daerendinger’s Birthday @ the Silo Studio 2008

Posted in Special Artistic Events on March 16, 2008 by brentrayfraser

Click link to watch the youtube video: Max’s Bday @ The Silo Studio 2008