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The things we do – April 23, 2008

Posted in Journals on April 23, 2008 by brentrayfraser

Proceed with thoughts that will start the stages of your process. These thoughts begin with the simplest ideas. Achieving an easy path towards a conclusion is typically what one should strive for, but at the same time one should challenge the journey with new paths in order to build knowledge of experience. This is the process of self-discovery through passionate creativity. What happens during the creation of the art is what creates the blueprint for the completed imagery. In most cases the idea precedes the artwork and the artist will work around that idea. That means that the process works around that concept. In a lot of my abstract works the idea comes after the process is completed. This establishes the finished artwork as a byproduct of the true artistic form. It’s how we go about doing the things we do that makes us who we are.