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by Brent Ray Fraser

Grand Opening

Exhibition of original artwork

September 18-October 2, 2009

6pm – 10pm

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-6:00pm

Eastwood Onley Gallery, 2075 Alberta Street, Vancouver (604.739.0429) 

Prêt-A-Porter is a rock n’ roll fashion art event strutting the fine line between catwalk and visual arts exhibition.

In Prêt-A-Porter, gorgeous items of clothing by high fashion houses like Armani, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent undergo Brent Ray Fraser’s signature transformations. Whether dipped in paint and stamped across a canvas, or given new life in paint-drenched sculptural form, Fraser spins the best of fashion (donated by friends and fashion lovers) into art pieces that are startling, stunning, and brash. 

Prêt-A-Porter also dares to delve into today’s volatile socio-economic climate. Fraser incorporates revealing headlines from newspaper business sections into several of his pieces, exploring the connotations implied by pricey business suits and anchoring his work in history. 

“The artistic aesthetic value of possessing a mass produced object is not easily interpreted,” says Fraser, whose paintings recently adorned the walls of the 2009 Juno Awards’ Rock Star Lounge. Fraser is no stranger to the fashion world. A graduate of Emily Carr University, Fraser was selected by Louis Vuitton in 2008 to caricature shoes at large events across Canada. 

Even in its presentation does Prêt-A-Porter blur the line between fashion and art: nearly one hundred finished canvases will be unstretched, hanging on rolling racks and displayed on the walls. 

Pret-A-Porter transforms the Eastwood Onley Gallery into a fashion house from September 18 to October 2. For more information about Pret-A-Porter, please call 604.739.0429 or visit

MEDIA: For interviews, high-resolution images, or more information, please contact Publicist Sabrina Furminger at 604.488.4474 or



“Sinful” Live Art performance @ White Ocean Gallery

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First Art installation

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I came across this photo from 1998. It has me (19) sitting in my parents living room with 6 Goofy cardboard paintings. The installation (located in the Emily Carr University) was based on human movement, stability, eye coordination and the effects of animation on the mind and imagination.  The installation entailed is 6 Goofy’s strung up by fishing line in a vacant white room. All facing each other in a circle. The viewer of the art stands in the center of them. Once inside the circle and surrounded by Goofy, the viewer would then begin spinning on spot in a circle. Each of the Goofy characters has a slight change in hand and eye position, much like an animation. Once spinning the viewer would notice that Goofy was waving at them as his eyes googled around in their orifices. 

These paintings were donated to a local United church for a preschool class immediately after the installation ended. Not a clue where they are today???


Brent Ray Fraser @ Jem Gallery, Vancouver

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If you are driving on Broadway just East of Main Street in Vancouver, look to your right and you will see a woman having sex with a man in the window. I created this work in February 2008 and titled it Camoflog.

Jem Gallery

225 Broadway East Vancouver


Brent Ray Fraser @ Espace B51 Gallery in Montreal

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Here are a few photographs from my gallery representation in Montreal. Espace B51 picked me up a few months ago and have been representing my work.

I will be posting an invite to in an upcoming Pop Art show June 5, 2008 that I am involved in.

Brent Ray Fraser @ Ed Hardy Launch

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On May  8th, 2008 I collaborated with a brilliant artist by the name of Zhi Alpha Cao. We were requested to create an Ed Hardy inspired artwork. So, we began right away. It didn’t take us very long to imagine a work that would not only be original, but would take the Ed Hardy style of art and transform it from a two dimensional work to a three dimensional masterpiece. The video attached displays the process of creation within the walls of my Silo Studio in Fort Langley. It later takes the viewer to The Bay in downtown Vancouver where the work would be completed in front of the customers at the Ed Hardy fragrance launch event. 

This collaborative work could not have been made possible if it weren’t for the help of Jennifer Daerendinger and her team of helpful and lovely makeup artists from the Blanche Macdonald Center, Erica Jones and of course Ed Hardy, the inspiration behind the work.

Brent Ray Fraser Presents – Blazin Guns 2008

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Blazin Guns 2008 was my second solo exhibition and was completely put together by Howard Ashton and myself. This show incorporated a vast array of works including my new stripper self portraits, reworked abstracts, past abstracts, new tools, landscapes and new sex paintings. Resource An Interiors Company Ltd. became transformed once again into a Gastown gallery for the night housing over 60 paintings from my collection. The show was an absolute success. The public left with new thoughts surrounding my practice and some with new artworks for their private collections. This video contains the entire listing of works I chose to be incorporated. Please leave me comments by clicking on the links below. The artwork loves feedback so feel free.