Brent Ray Fraser Artist Statement 2008

My hands and tools have become substitutes for brushes while painting.  I can often accomplish art expression by dipping my entire hand into the paint can and applying it directly to the canvas.  This sense of touch helps me incorporate imaginative strokes of art, generating an automatic, creative style by choosing subject matter during painting, not before.  I am therefore challenged to decide what to include in my art, whether found objects, text or conversations.  Spending time immersed in adult magazines, I pondered the reality of incorporating sexual positions into large-scale paintings.  I worked at making the positions more and more abstract so the viewer wouldn’t immediately recognize the image as being sexual.   I was intrigued by the notion of duplicating the voyeuristic act of viewing sexual positions in magazines with a similar sense of enjoyment gained while viewing sexually explicit paintings. My challenge is to create paintings that are not only subconsciously attractive to the eye, but also have imagery that is abstracted enough for viewers to stare at it without knowing what they are staring at.  The lines, shapes and forms depicted in my paintings subconsciously become recognized and perceived as two people engaging in a sexual act.


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