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First Art installation

Posted in Art Exhibitions on November 10, 2008 by brentrayfraser

I came across this photo from 1998. It has me (19) sitting in my parents living room with 6 Goofy cardboard paintings. The installation (located in the Emily Carr University) was based on human movement, stability, eye coordination and the effects of animation on the mind and imagination.  The installation entailed is 6 Goofy’s strung up by fishing line in a vacant white room. All facing each other in a circle. The viewer of the art stands in the center of them. Once inside the circle and surrounded by Goofy, the viewer would then begin spinning on spot in a circle. Each of the Goofy characters has a slight change in hand and eye position, much like an animation. Once spinning the viewer would notice that Goofy was waving at them as his eyes googled around in their orifices. 

These paintings were donated to a local United church for a preschool class immediately after the installation ended. Not a clue where they are today???



The Silo October 2008

Posted in Brents other attributes, Work in Progress on November 10, 2008 by brentrayfraser

For those who are curious what the Silo looks like, here is a polaroid photo taken early October of this year. The Silo is currently being renovated to be fully livable by the new year. Upstairs is the creative space shaped like an octagon. I paint on 6 of the eight walls at once to produce more art in a short amount of time. Downstairs will be the living space complete with murphy bed, home entertainment, bathroom and shower. Call me the Grain Tank Artist. Take care.


Art + Coffee

Posted in Uncategorized on November 9, 2008 by brentrayfraser

Art is experienced with the help of experience. Do and it will get done. Be and it will become who you are. Live and it will survive. Prepare and it will be apparent.  The list goes on and on. The repertoire of it’s exponential attributes will extend far beyond what is expected in ones mind if that single mind can imagine the characteristics. But not just the most apparent characteristics, the ones that hide deep in the hidden layers. You have to create the layers to reveal the layers that would not become visible otherwise.


I am sitting on my computer awaiting the departure. My coffee’s bliss runs through my veins with hopes it will jump start my body for what is to come.  Its spiked with goodness. This goodness becomes tranferred into a mild sense of establishment. Taking that concrete judgement and lettiung it flow towards another blessed experience. Go with it. Take the punch and make it ride:


Let the goodness strive towards a better side

One whole greatness plastered on canvas

and brought to life.


Never retreat to another distinguished being

Until you have tasted the one you reside beside.

Now you must correct those who don’t believe

In the natural thoughts that drip from your mind.


Take it all with a slap

And whip it out infront of those who

Would not normally have it whipped.



Crack it back and return it

To the beautiful and courageous flaps

That flip by your mouth with a scent

Of an absolute ecstasy.


Be the apparatus that spanks the mind

And kick starts that grinding feeling 

You get when fucking others minds.