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Brent Ray Fraser on Your Art – April 20, 2008

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You’ve got to love your art, more than life and more than yourself. You create art in every aspect of your daily life. It is what makes you who you are. Never let anything stop you from being who you are born to be. Love your arts audience, for they feed its bloodline. Never let negativity damage your creative edge. Let it nourish your understanding of others interpretation into your arts characteristics. The emotions of others will naturally manifest around your art. Your ideas are neither good nor bad. They are critical. Critical to how you go about your process. Accept both the “good” and the “bad” criticism. Do not disregard what may seem as “bad” criticism or negative emotions towards your art. Use it like you would a new material and guide it towards becoming a beautiful aspect within what you see as a positive attribute.

Many frown upon unwanted or “abnormal” human characteristics. Others see those undesirable qualities as unique traits that set them apart from the rest. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Think about it. Your art is who you are. Never hate yourself and never think less due to what others may say.

Promote yourself. Positive actions are followed by positive characteristics and with a positive energy and outlook you can represent who you are to the world through your work in all earnestness.

Above all, never stop doing what you love to do and never do anything you don’t want to do. You have the ability to create ideas in your mind and an even greater ability to show others your imagination within your art. This is an attribute that many for granted. If you have the ability, don’t let it slip through you hands.


My Blog

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These writings will serve as the book of Brent. A starting point for my ideas, thoughts and processes to be transferred to your minds. I hope that through my writings and imagery that you will gain a better understanding of my art practices. I know that you will not fully understand specific elements within this journal, but I hope that it will at least raise questions of what you think art is or can be and how you look at my art. Think beyond the box. We are subconsciously forced into our surroundings and beliefs. Do not let the baggage give you sore arms, you’ll be needing them to carry new luggage on your journey.

My Art

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Hear my thoughts through my marks and not my voice. See my actions from colour and line instead of bodily movements. Be the art and let the art be your self-portrait. Be true to your passions and never let the world knock them out of you. Don’t sell out your art or pull the plug. If you do, it will not live on and others will not adopt its way. Never mask it; otherwise it will only be an act and not reality. Masks always become an easy way into a comfortable place. Comfort is nice, but should be worked hard to get. Art isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to come easy and be made to look easy. Make it hard by working smarter and a comfortable creative space will follow.

The ideas that come to me come in all sorts of dreams. The outcome of those ideas must take on the forms they are perceived within the dreams, no matter what circumstances become or what the process is. The stories must be told. Otherwise they become woven within internal books that get stored in my minds library. This library may never be seen, so the best I can do is tell them all in the short amount of time I have. I hope everyone can read.

You’ve got to love your art more than life and more than yourself. The only way for it to grow strong and healthy is for you to put it first and nourish it. Nourishment comes from feeding the process. Displaying it helps the art build a natural confidence and esteem. Dress it up in fine fashion and take it out to dinner. Make love to it over and over again. Have foreplay with it. Clean it. Compliment it. Caress it and name it well. What comes around goes around. If you are too tired to make love to it, let someone else make love to it. Just make sure you are videotaping. Selfishness does not go over to well with art. Treat it to a nice studio and take it on vacation when you can. Never mistreat it, cheat on it, or talk behind its back. Respect it and cherish it. It never does these things to you does it? Show it off and kiss it in public. And above all, be willing to die for your art because it will die without you.

The Artistic Process

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When I make my art nothing else matters. What concludes the process does not take the role of importance, the process for me tends to be held on a higher relevance. When the process takes longer to conclude, life stands still and waits eagerly for the outcome.

On Thoughts and Ideas April 14, 2008

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I find that if you think about something long enough (24hrs day and night), you can excel in whatever you are reflecting on. So, don’t let outside thoughts overcome what is important in your mind. The trick is to take the outside thoughts and create a link to the important ones to form hybrid thoughts. This will increase the broad understanding you have of those thoughts and embellish the stems they branch off into. The key is to possess as many branches as possible at a given time before they need to be cut down. This will make space for new sprouts.

The best ideas (to me) come while sitting in the shower. I sit on the floor of the shower with my head resting in my crossed arms nestled on my knees. I like the water hitting me like rain as if I am naked in the alone in the wilderness. The sense of purification washes the thoughts out and relaxes my imagination. The ideas come like a slap in the face. They are very unexpected and uncontrived. When they hit me, I already know the mark they will make on my unsuspecting face. I can see them in my head before they are completed in real life. I can also see the process and can tell how long they will take to finish without writing them down and going over them. Like a performance, I walk through their creation on stage in my mind. I go with them wherever they lead me and follow the script. New ideas are extremely exciting. I cannot stop thinking about new painting ideas. They overcome all aspects of my daily life and I constantly rethink them over and over again until I feel they are worth my effort in the studio or in front of others.

Brent Ray Fraser’s PEEP SHOW 2008

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This exhibition was the first large scale solo show I have prepared for. My good friend Howard and I put the entire show together. The amount of work that goes into a large show like this is intense. Considering the show is not in your run of the mill gallery is what gave this show its unique energy and the audience was in for a treat. This show displayed almost the entire collection of the Malus Series. This series of artwork dealt with the voyeuristic world of sexual inhibitions. Thrusting the viewers into an orgy of artwork displaying everything from blowjobs to anal sex. Some of the artwork is abstracted enough so you don’t realize what you are looking at.