Brent Ray Fraser on Styles – April 22, 2008

Learn to read your paintings. They should, overtime, describe what makes up your artistic blueprints. Once you learn to decipher the progressions you create, mastering your mind, eye and hand coordination will guide your art past any boundaries and onto new ideas. You can then test yourself with multiple strategies. These strategic challenges can only be chosen by the artist themselves, as each individual possesses unique capabilities with their own practice. You will know what they are when you become comfortable with your style and reach your plateaus.

The only way to overcome these flat sticking points within your art is to create more art. DO NOT STOP! When your style eventually evolves don’t be afraid to follow. Let you mind, eye and hand coordination evolve naturally. Go with it and strive to perfect the new traits until you are satisfied with their growth. You will know when this occurs. When it happens to me I tend to feel mentally unstimulated and bored. This happens to me weekly, sometimes on a daily basis. I have learned to accept this as my creative process. I have also learned to control it so that my style continues to manifest maintaining its original flavour.

Once you feel you’ve reached an apex in your current style go back to the former to establish a bond between the new and old. This will create a hybridity of forms and push your art to a new level. If you proceed with this connective strategy on a continuous basis, your artwork, in your mind, will become that once unimaginable vision. It will possess a strategic process that can continue to evolve at your will. The repetition of this strategy has increased my awareness and has brought forth new styles that I never thought I had. I always ponder what my artwork will look like in 10-20 years. It boggles my mind to even think about it, as I cannot tell what my artwork will look like after my next studio visit. It changes all the time.

This is what makes the creative process a truly beautiful element to ones blueprint.


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