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Industry Lounge Brunch Art Opening. March 16th, 2008

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This art opening was the first I have done during the day. It gave guests the opportunity to have brunch, look at my artwork and have their shoes drawn while they ate. The outcome was a great success and almost everyone left with an original Brent Ray Fraser drawing. The paintings exhibited on Industry’s walls are being displayed on a monthly basis and can be seen during regular business hours. Industry lounge is located just off Burrard Street in Kitsilano on West 1st Avenue just below Ron Zalko’s Gym. The artwork being displayed is a retrospective of my collection that dates back to 2005. Enjoy!construct-for-blog.jpg 


Brent Ray Fraser in Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Commercial

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Some of you might not know that I am an actor as well. I figured with my experience and love for Live Art performances that I would give it a shot. I’ve been acting for a little over a year now. I actually do it just for the auditioning aspect. These auditions prepare you for with taking on the task of attempting to establish multiple personae that you would not normally be inclined to do otherwise. I’ve done a heap load of strange roles with only a day or so to prepare mentally for them. These auditions have also helped to build the creative edge needed for multiple art projects and have evolved my deep imagination along the way. One thing I have learned when developing my experience with performing is that you have to take the experience when it arises. I’ve had the luck of being offered these opportunities so I take them when they arise. I also realize that when offered, as far-fetched as some these experiences are, I must accept them in order to progress with my art. Attached is a commercial I did for Hoover Vacuum’s Floormate. I am the Madman that stands up. I will be adding the other shows in the near future as I find them.

The Harry Rosen Display Case Live Art Performance

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On July 11, 2008 I was granted access inside the Harry Rosen display case @ Pacific Centre in Vancouver. The artwork that was created at the Harry Rosen appreciation night for the Costume Designers of Vancouver was being showcased inside. So, I asked if I could perform within and take video documentation at the same time. This video shows what transpired. The artwork within the display case can be viewed on my website www.brentrayfraser.comjacket-for-blog.jpg  

Core, 2007 – The Process Video

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Core is an 8′ x 8′ painting made up of four sections that combine to create a representation of the Apple Slice sex painting. I wanted to create a work that had an impact of pure abstraction. It is a painting that uses a vast array of found objects and materials. Everything from nails, screws and empty acrylic paint tubes to mini vinyl records, coat hangers and fortune cookies from the Chinese food I ordered while creating it. This painting has not been seen in public as of yet due to its immense size. Core has a style and technique that displays and describes my abstract painting capabilities. It’s full of colour, texture and an intercourse of materials that suits and compliments the sexually abstracted imagery within. It portrays the combination of line, shape and movement and reveals the relationship between the objects I have chosen to include in the work.

The Massacre, 2008

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I have been working on this performance since October2005. I have always wanted to perform a strip tease in an art gallery as fine art without the spectators knowing what they were getting into when the arrived. An exotic strip show for the unsuspecting. It’s a very simple idea with a very complex concept. Yours planned the choreography, music, costume and effects out truly. A lot of work was put into this performance and was an absolute success at The Vancouver International Dance Festival 2008. This video does not have the last 3 minutes of the performance because of my own negligence. The video card did not have enough free space left so it cut out the entire strip show. So, I will be recreating the performance and adding the unseen footage at a later date. Stay tuned for more shows like it.

Le Cent De La Twat, 2008

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Where do I even begin with this painting. It is not complete yet and has been on my mind ever since I began its creation in the summer of 2007. I originally came up with the idea (no pun intended) while reading adult magazines that summer. I wanted to create a painting that consisted of 100 vaginas. I also wanted them all to fit together creating one large vagina. Like an orgy of drawings. Hence the name: Le cent De La Twat…Or, one hundred of the vagina. I later took it upon myself to test my creative imagination by conditioning my hand eye coordination into memorizing the shape and contours of what could resemble a woman’s vagina on paper. So I went to the books. Began drawing….hundreds and hundreds of vaginas. Over and over again. More and more. This video shows my vaginal drawing training and also displays the final work while in the progress of creation at the Silo. I would also watch pornographic films while reading the magazines to over embellish the creative atmosphere with a sexual energy. This is a very hard thing to do (no pun intended), especially as a young fit man. But, this training would later help my creative juices (no pun intended) to establish the same energy on the paper I began to draw on and would also come in handy when creating further works of the same genre. Later, after fixing the (100) drawn vaginas to the (100) 12″x12″ wood panels that would create the large vagina, I used the artwork as a dance floor where I would practice stripper moves in preparation for the Live Art Show that would later follow on March 5th, 2008 entitled The Massacre. twat.jpg

New Sex Paintings

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In this new series I have decided to go back into my collection of abstract paintings from 2005 and rework them incorporating figures of a sexual nature. These two paintings contain the text describing in detail the exact meal plan (weekly) that I followed religiously throughout my body transformation.  This transformation was in preparation for The Transitional Culture Live Art Performance in October 2005 where I performed onstage at the Lamplighter in Gastown, Vancouver. These works are not done as of yet, so this gives you a preliminary glance at the work before it heads to the website upon completion.I’ll Keep you posted with new pics as soon as I have made changes, if any, to the artwork. I might even make the process videos that go along with this one viewable on here. Stay Tuned. sex01.jpgsex02.jpg