Repo Purse Spring Collection At Lords Shoes 2932 Granville Street, Vancouver

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Check my website to see all the Purses as well as the images from Lord’s Shoes in Vancouver!

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A Brief statement about his art.

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March 22, 2010 1:42am

Through various representations and multiple actions, the thoughts and imagery incorporated within my art attempt to mimic the world around me-as I see it. Fractured instances join to create absolute forms and the arbitrary becomes necessary.  By investigating and harnessing my daily thoughts, I can help others see what the hell is going on in my head.

Brent Ray Fraser

Commissioned Mixed Media Portraits

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Brent’s Art & Acting Facebook Fan Page

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Art & Acting

Join Brent on his artistic adventures and follow his journey into the world of acting. Keep up to date on his thoughts surrounding the industry and watch his latest acting roles in TV, Film and commercial spots.

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by Brent Ray Fraser

Grand Opening

Exhibition of original artwork

September 18-October 2, 2009

6pm – 10pm

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-6:00pm

Eastwood Onley Gallery, 2075 Alberta Street, Vancouver (604.739.0429) 

Prêt-A-Porter is a rock n’ roll fashion art event strutting the fine line between catwalk and visual arts exhibition.

In Prêt-A-Porter, gorgeous items of clothing by high fashion houses like Armani, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent undergo Brent Ray Fraser’s signature transformations. Whether dipped in paint and stamped across a canvas, or given new life in paint-drenched sculptural form, Fraser spins the best of fashion (donated by friends and fashion lovers) into art pieces that are startling, stunning, and brash. 

Prêt-A-Porter also dares to delve into today’s volatile socio-economic climate. Fraser incorporates revealing headlines from newspaper business sections into several of his pieces, exploring the connotations implied by pricey business suits and anchoring his work in history. 

“The artistic aesthetic value of possessing a mass produced object is not easily interpreted,” says Fraser, whose paintings recently adorned the walls of the 2009 Juno Awards’ Rock Star Lounge. Fraser is no stranger to the fashion world. A graduate of Emily Carr University, Fraser was selected by Louis Vuitton in 2008 to caricature shoes at large events across Canada. 

Even in its presentation does Prêt-A-Porter blur the line between fashion and art: nearly one hundred finished canvases will be unstretched, hanging on rolling racks and displayed on the walls. 

Pret-A-Porter transforms the Eastwood Onley Gallery into a fashion house from September 18 to October 2. For more information about Pret-A-Porter, please call 604.739.0429 or visit

MEDIA: For interviews, high-resolution images, or more information, please contact Publicist Sabrina Furminger at 604.488.4474 or


Ice cream cones

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Brent Ray Fraser’s ice cream cones seemingly reflect the abundant advertisements society is confronted with everyday. His choice to portray a simple decadent object suspended in negative space, leaves the viewer questioning their nostalgic urge of sexual desires. Is this a desert or is this a comment on the alternative motives of society?